Recovr creates therapy tools that enhance physical rehabilitation in skilled nursing facilities.


Increase Engagement

Fun, interactive game environments motivate residents to stay engaged in therapy longer


Enhance Outcomes

By engaging patients in longer amounts of therapy, patients can potentially recover more


Automate Reporting

Automated reports track patient outcomes and assist in reporting to insurance companies

For Facilities

Our focus is short-term rehabilitation departments in skilled nursing facilities.


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For Therapists

By turning therapy into a game, residents think about high scores rather than their extended therapy.

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For Patients

While playing games, you get to the next level faster and get the therapy you need.

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Engaging Patients Through Virtual Therapy Games

We are focused on improving life by enhancing upper extremity rehabilitation in skilled nursing facilities.  A big challenge today for healthcare providers is engaging their patients in the amount of therapy they need to best promote recovery.

The Recovr Rehabilitation System (RRS) is an FDA-cleared rehabilitation tool for upper extremity conditions that enables therapists to engage their patients in more minutes of needed therapy that has been customized to their patients’ needs.

At Recovr, we are passionate about empowering people to get back to daily life.

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