Author: Austen Hayes

FDA 510(k) Clearance Received!

We are very excited to announce that we have officially received the 510(k) clearance from the FDA for our Recovr Rehabilitation System! The clearance was received in record time, less than four months after we submitted our application. Many thanks go to our consultant Kathryn Becker for her significant assistance with this process. The clearance is a critical step for us in commercializing our technology since the FDA considers our system an unclassified medical device.

Technology License obtained from Clemson & MUSC!

We have (finally) obtained an exclusive license for the Duck Duck Punch technology we created as a Clemson team jointly with the Medical University of South Carolina! Obtaining the license was a long journey, but the agreement that is now in place enables Recovr to continue to commercialize “Duck Duck Punch” as our first product.

Seed Round Raised

Exciting things are happening at Recovr!

Concepts to Companies held its company launch event on May 6th at the NEXT Innovation Center and announced that they are investing in Recovr as one of their initial portfolio companies.  With CtC’s investment we have now raised a total of over $800,000 in startup funding.  Our partnership with CtC also brings experienced entrepreneurs John Warner and Brian McSharry on board as part of our team. Read about the launch.

Recovr Featured in News Article

The research behind our stroke rehabilitation products was recently featured in an article in MUSC News.  Read about our partnership with the Medical University of South Carolina.

First Hire and New Office

Exciting things are happening at Recovr!

We have moved our primary office to the ‘Think Tank on Sloan’ in downtown Clemson. Our new location gives us strategic access to the software development, design and clinical talent pool of students and faculty at Clemson University.

We have hired our first hourly employee! Kevin Jett has joined Recovr as a software engineer. Kevin is a senior computer science major at Clemson with previous software development experience at Itron, Inc.

Patrick Dukes will be leaving active participation in Recovr to take a position with Google in Boston. Patrick has made major contributions to Recovr and was a founding member of Recovr.  He will be missed but we are also happy to see our first alumni move on to a position in a major company like Google. Kevin will be replacing Patrick in his software development role.

Meet Nancy

We would like to introduce you to Nancy B., our latest patient champion. Nancy suffered a massive stroke in March that left her with no functional use of her left arm. Nancy participated in both the inpatient and in-home study using the ‘Duck Duck Punch’ technology. She has made incredible progress and tells us “everything I couldn’t do before I used this [technology] I could do after.” While there is still progress to be made, she is now able to pick up objects again for the first time since her stroke. Nancy is excited to share her story of recovery and we are honored to be working with her.

Occupational Clinic Pilot Progress

If you remember from our last update, we have a new partnership with an occupational therapy clinic in the Columbia, SC. The goal is to understand additional conditions Recovr products can be applied to. So far the clinic has used Duck Duck Punch in therapy with patients suffering conditions ranging from traumatic brain injuries to orthopedic damage.