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1) Increase Marketability of Facilities

By using technology designed to enhance outcomes achieved by therapists, facilities can demonstrate the value of rehabilitation services to family members and potential patients.

• Use innovative therapy technology that demonstrates the quality of rehab services provided
• Enhance patient satisfaction and sense of achievement
• Capture objective, visually reportable outcome data that differentiates facility effectiveness

2) Strengthen Outcome Documentation with Automated Data

The Recovr system provides objective data that can strengthen outcome documentation and demonstrate the value of therapy provided.

• Document even small gains that contribute to large functional recovery milestones
• Decrease reimbursement denial risk through objective documentation
• Demonstrate to patients the value of therapy day-to-day

3) Enhance Functional Outcomes and Speed to Recovery

Facilities that maximize both the number of encounters patients are willing to engage in and the therapy provided per encounter can enhance outcomes.

• Engage patients in every therapy minute possible
• Provide the highest therapy “dose” within each therapy minute
• Use therapy modalities that apply to both short-term and long-term patients

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How to get the Recovr Rehabilitation System

Recovr can install one or more RRS units directly into your facility. Services provided include:

  • Hardware installation and maintenance
  • Clinical inservice to train therapy staff
  • Product updates
  • Access to all data generated through therapy sessions

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