For Home Health and Outpatient

1) Increased volume of therapy; improved quality of in-person sessions

In this new value based care world Recovr Telerehab provides stroke survivors the opportunity to complete therapist programmed, technology guided therapeutic exercises when they are not in live therapy sessions.

      • This allows patients to reach the volume (300-1000 repetitions per day) of therapy recommended by neuroplasticity research to target gross motor function gains
      • In-person therapy sessions can be more productive if gross motor function can be targeted through asynchronous therapy
      • Therapists can focus on more task specific ADL’s and fine motor skills that require closer supervision and therapist touch during live sessions and improve their effectiveness
      • Automated Reporting will provide the therapist with objective reports on the patients performance and progress to assist in planning more productive use of in-person sessions

2) Strengthen Outcome Documentation with Automated Data

The Recovr system provides objective data that can strengthen outcome documentation and demonstrate the value of therapy provided.

      • Document even small gains that contribute to large functional recovery milestones
      • Decrease reimbursement denial risk through objective documentation
      • Demonstrate to patients the value of therapy day-to-day to improve compliance

3) Enhance Functional Outcomes and Speed to Recovery

Home Health and Outpatient Therapy can maximize the amount of repetitive task practice patients can complete through asynchronous telerehab.  This will allow patients to complete repetitive therapeutic activities that are guided through technology on their own to improve gross motor movement and control. This additional asynchronous therapy will allow for more productive use of in-person therapy sessions.

      • Empower patients with the ability to improve function beyond face-to-face therapy sessions
      • Meet high dosage therapy goals suggested by neuroplasticity research (300-1000 reps/day)
      • Provide a home program that will guide patients and help limit compensatory strategies

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How to get the Recovr Rehabilitation System

Recovr can install one or more RRS units directly into your facility. Services provided include:

  • Hardware installation and maintenance
  • Clinical inservice to train therapy staff
  • Product updates
  • Access to all data generated through therapy sessions

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