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TherapistThe Recovr Rehabilitation System is an FDA-cleared therapy tool that can help you engage your residents to get the most out of limited therapy time and give you the data you need to demonstrate outcomes to Medicare and insurance providers.

1) Increase Resident Engagement

By turning therapy into a “game”, your residents will be thinking about getting a high score rather than the extended therapy you have tailored to their needs.

2) Tailor Therapy to Your Resident

The RRS is a therapy tool controlled by you. You tune every aspect of the system based on what you know your resident needs.

3) Automate Outcome Data

We give you the automated data you need to show your residents their progress day-to-day and demonstrate outcomes to Medicare and insurance providers.

After each session: A one-page summary gives you a snapshot of how your resident did, from time played, to number of repetitions, to where there could be improvement.

Track progress over time: You can quickly see how your resident is doing day-to-day or week-to-week.

4) Easy Setup

We know that every minute you have with a resident is important; you don’t have time to use something that cannot be set up quickly and used easily. We work with therapists to design products that can be customized to a resident’s needs quickly and easily in the limited amount of time you have with them.

4) Clinical Pathways

Our Clinical Pathways provide a clear connection between how your delivery of skilled care using the system with a resident is connected to functional goals based on the highest priority activities of daily living.

• Eating
• Oral Hygiene
• Toileting hygiene
• Sit to Stand
• Standing endurance
• Balance
• Elbow ROM
• Shoulder ROM
• Activity Tolerance

Based on Neurorehabilitation Science

The RRS was designed by leading therapists based on clinically-validated exercises that utilize repetition, progression, and natural feedback to stimulate recovery through neuroplasticity.

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